4,000 PSI - 4.0 GPM Hot Water Pressure Washer with Powerease 420 Engine and AR Triplex Pump

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  • 1. Battery box (42.005.053)
    2. Battery, deep cycle, agm (85.603.003)
    3. On/O rocker switch (59.000.103)
    4. 12” oil drain hose assy (59.000.108)
    5. Black stack cap (59.000.114)
    6. Insulation, bottom (59.000.116)
    7. Insulation, top (59.000.117)
    8. Coil only (59.000.000)
    9. Coil assembly, complete,w/ all fittings and valves (59.009.000)
    10. 12v beckett burner assembly, complete (59.009.001)
    11. Tachometer (806-109)
    12. General pump, ez4040, bare, no unloader (85.130.021B)
    13. Valve kit (KIT123)
    14. Seal kit (hp) (RKI153)
    15. Piston, ceramic plunger (44040266)
    16. Unloader (AL607)
    17. Thermal relief valve, ½” (85.300.024)
    18. General pump, ez4040, complete & plumbed (85.139.021H)
    19. Gun/wand assembly (85.205.064)
    20. Nozzle set, 4 pack (85.210.040BEP)
    21. Hp hose, 50’, r2, 6000psi (85.238.251)
    22. Thermostat assembly, complete (85.400.071)
    23. 7 gallon fuel tank, complete (85.601.039)
    24. Brake assembly (85.604.104)
    25. Nozzle grommet (85.660.008)
    26. Wheel/tire assembly (85.660.050F)
    27. Rupture disk (59.000.101)
    28. Safety relief valve (85.300.042)
    29. Fuel nozzle, 90deg, a, 2.0 (59.000.002)
    30. Pressure switch (85.300.082)
    31. Garden hose inlet, c/w by-pass ports (85.300.055)
    32. Fuel pump, 12v, hw4013hg (59.110.000)
    33. Fuel solenoid, 12v, hw4013hg (59.110.001)
    34. Electrode kit (2), hw4013hg (59.110.002)
    35. Ignitor, 12v, hw4013hg (59.110.003)
    36. Blower motor, blower wheel, coupling kit (59.110.004)
    37. Shaft coupling, 12v, hw4013hg (59.110.005)
    38. Air line blowout hose (for winterizing) (59.400.000)
    39. Hose reel bracket (59.400.001)
    40. High pressure hose from pump to coil 20” (85.238.020J)
    Rugged and reliable Powerease engine with electric start drives the pump. A 55AH AGM Marine battery is included.

    Direct drive system connects the engine to the pump for a compact and efficient power transfer.

    Commercial grade AR triplex pump featuring die-cast body, forged brass manifold, ceramic coated plungers and thermal release valve.

    Built-In unloader effectively regulates water flow in a compact design.

    Heating coil is ignited by a 12v Beckett burner that is fueled with diesel.

    The burner can be turned off and controlled with the adjustable thermostat that can be set up to 93°/200°F with an output of 300,000 BTU.

    Commercial grade accessories included are a 50 foot high-pressure hose, spray gun wand assembly, and five spray nozzles.

    Powder coated steel frame with four 13” flat free tires for stability and to handle rough terrain. Roll cage design protects the components while allowing easy access to use or maintain.

    A lift point is built into the frame to allow the use of a crane to lift it onto a truck or trailer.

    Frame includes mounting brackets for quick installation onto trucks or trailers by removing the wheels.

    The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.

    WEIGHT: 530LBS
    DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 48"x32"x46"


    Pump Style: