Surface cleaners are great for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, parking lots, decks, warehouses, pool decks, outdoor basketball courts, and many other hard, flat surfaces. They can also be used with chemicals to sanitize saunas, locker-room floors, showers, bathrooms, and commercial food preparation areas. A Whirl-A-Way is also the most efficient method for cleaning surfaces, as it saves time and produces the best results.

Each surface cleaner connects directly to your high-pressure hose and pressure washer via quick-connect couplers. They are designed to operate with both hot and cold pressure washers up to 180°F.

What to Consider While Operating

During operation, should you experience a buildup of small stones or other foreign material within the cover, we recommend that you simply tip the cleaner on its side at 45° which should expel any foreign materials. This will give longer life to your tips, swivel arm, nozzles, and brush skirt (if applicable).

The tips that have been installed on your surface cleaning system permit the use of your cleaner with a pressure washer producing up to 7 GPM at 4000 PSI. Periodically check the tips to ensure they are not clogged by dirt or other matter as this can cause the rotary arm to stop spinning, leading to missed areas on the surface being cleaned.

It is important that you maintain a continuous motion while operating the Whirl-A-Way to ensure an even clean. The factory sets the height of your rotary head from the ground based on peak performance. If you choose to lower or raise the height of the head, you may do so by adding or eliminating the included spacers. Please ensure that your rotary head is adjusted to maintain a minimum of 1” clearance between the spray tips and the surface being cleaned. Note that lowering the head too far may result in the rotary arm hitting the surface and damaging it.

While operating your surface cleaning system, please ensure that the nylon brush skirt remains in contact with the surface being cleaned. Do not operate on overhead surfaces. We strongly recommend that safety goggles, gloves, and work boots be worn when operating a Whirl-a-Way. Keep your hands and feet away from the high pressure, high speed rotating arm that is protected by the plastic cover.

Should your surface cleaner not be used for long periods of time, it is recommended that you remove the hose from the top of the rotary head and use a vegetable oil to lubricate the swivel head’s internal parts. Manually turn the rotary arm to allow lubrication of all internal parts before storing.